I am a visual artist working in light. My current work focuses on light on body in space and performative scenography. I work on site specific performance art where architecture is theatre. I am interested in the function of light as performer. I am active in the dance world and am drawn to the sculptural and ephemeral nature of dance. Whether I am creating light for a piece of choreography or for a site-specific installation, I create environments that alter the audience’s state of consciousness.

In addition to my own work, I am an Artist in Residence in the UB Center for the Arts, Arts in Healthcare Initiative. In this program I work with patients and their families engaging them in the creative process. When they are fully engaged they may enter into a flow state of creativity that allows their consciousness to be altered while in the confines of a hospital room. To lose one’s self in the creative process often leads to relaxation, distraction, and self -actualization.

I am active in the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre festivals both giving workshops and responding to college theatrical productions. I have been a guest speaker at USITT regional events. I attended the Prague Quadrennial in 2007 to further my research of global theatre practices. My work will be presented at PQ this spring in the USA student exhibit.

I began experimenting with light in my sculptures as a student at the University at Buffalo, where I lit the kinetic sculptures of dance with Zodiaque Dance Company. Graduating with a BFA in Visual Arts, I transitioned my art into lighting. I have since lit Configuration Dance Theatre, Future Dance, LehrerDance, Nimbus Dance, Danceability, Subversive Theatre, and annual Runway and Mass Appeal fashion shows. For the past four years I’ve been working with Torn Space Theatre on lighting and site specific installations for American Grain (August 2012), Motion Picture (August 2013), Storehouse (August 2014), and the upcoming They Kill Things (August 2015). I am a current MA student in Theatre and Performance at The University at Buffalo (SUNY). My research and thesis topic is the performance of light.