DATES: August 2014


CLIENT: Torn Space Theater

DESCRIPTION: STOREHOUSE premiered as a featured light installation within Torn Space Theater’s production of STOREHOUSE (August 2014). Directed by Daniel Shanahan, the full production was staged as a series of thematically related performances and installations within an abandoned grain warehouse at Silo City in Buffalo, NY. Rehabilitated from decommissioned early 20tb century grain silos, Silo City currently functions an experimental arts venue, providing a unique perspective on the changing landscape in post-industrial America. STOREHOUSE is the third in
a trilogy of performances by Torn Space Theater developed specifically for the site: American Grain (2012), Motion Picture (2013), and STOREHOUSE. This piece was located in a former grain processing room where the performance was the light and the audience’s response to its presence. Throughout the performance, audience members are guided through three floors of a silo warehouse encountering a series of spaces, each of which is staged according to Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development. This performance of light signifies the path of the id through psychosocial development. The audience has a few minutes to interact with the installation before exiting into the next room of performance.

A link to a Buffalo News review of the performance: